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Familiar challenges;
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How do you attract, inspire and develop people? How do you transform their experience of your workplace? How do you build an innovative, ethical and inclusive culture by design? We apply an evidence-based approach to organisational challenges such as talent attraction, cultural transformation, employee experience and change management: it always starts with behaviour.

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Think like a behavioural scientist

Learn how to design a better, fairer workplace with behavioural science. Our latest 3-day programme will introduce how to apply evidence-based insights to solve real world challenges. It includes defining the problem in behavioural terms, designing interventions with cutting edge research, and using rigorous experiments to test their effect in context.


Aim high and think small at The Lab

Come to the Lab with a band of committed colleagues and amplify your impact through learning to #thinksmall and #testlearnadapt. The experience is part education, part exploration and part intervention design. Altogether, it provides a systematic formula for you to change behaviour and transform your organisation, one behaviour at a time.  


Test, learn and adapt

The efficacy of workplace solutions depends on context, so anyone selling you a silver bullet isn't shooting straight. The good news is that we know how to find out what works. And if you have the tenacity and grit to join us, we want to help you do just that. Our approach is based on the gold-standard approach of scientific research – the Randomised Control Trial.


Introducing behavioural science to the workplace.

Many of our clients are approaching behavioural science for the first time. We run workshops and events to introduce the discipline and the opportunity it can bring to your work. We can tailor the sessions to your team or you can drop in to one of our scheduled sessions.

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