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Practice Lead, Behavioural Risk

You know risk culture and you know behavioural science. You’re at the forefront of uniting the two. You’ll agree that the moment has come for a big leap forward: The regulators in the UK, the US and across Europe are talking our language. The most pioneering firms are taking their first tentative steps.

We don’t need to convince you what’s needed. Research. Education. Experiments. Not up in the clouds or on the side-lines but right at the heart of the action, solving real world problems and learning along the way. None of it’s easy but that’s why you love it. Join us and help put behavioural science to work.


Lead Behavioural Scientist

For the last three years we’ve been championing applied behavioural science in the workplace. Ever-changing our mix of rigour, speed and pragmatism to meet three aims: solve socially meaningful problems, help our clients succeed and contribute something back to our discipline.

We’re looking for someone to sit at the heart of our research practice - likely to be a post-doc behavioural scientist obsessed with field experiments and the world of work. If that’s you, come and talk to us. We have big questions, and unique opportunities for research in some of the most influential organisations in the UK…


Speculative Application

You love the workplace; you love behavioural science. You think the two should be the best of friends…

We’re always interested in people and ideas that match our values. If you’ve got something to offer the world of work and you think MoreThanNow could help make it happen, then drop us a note and say hello. We can’t promise to meet everyone who gets in touch but we can promise an open and honest reply.