Head of Behavioural Insights.

Based in our lovely offices at Second Home, Spitalfields

Salary: Competitive*

Flexible working options welcomed.

*We prefer to be specific, but we’re a small business and this role is likely to be tailored for the right person. We’ve left plenty of flexibility in the below role description, so we’re keen to hear what you can bring and where you would like support.


MoreThanNow is a behavioural change consultancy using science and creativity to transform the workplace. For us, this means uniting inclusivity, employee happiness and high-performance at work: a relationship that often strengthens as we look to the future and away from the here and now.

We believe our mission needs us at our best; working transparently, empathetically and at the cutting edge of behavioural science. We want to help solve our clients problems AND contribute to a growing understanding of human behaviour. It encourages us to seek out the unknown in every project and explore and experiment with every step.


That’s where you come in.

You’re already at the forefront of applied behavioural science, either as an academic with consulting experience or a practitioner using the discipline in your day-to-day. You understand that your success is as much about entrepreneurialism as it is about technical and theoretical expertise, and that there are no easy answers when balancing that tightrope (but really, you quite like the tightrope).

As our Head of Behavioural Insights, your role will change from moment-to-moment. You might be most comfortable extolling the virtues of a behavioural science to an audience of hundreds or elbow deep in statistical analysis, but you’ll have the ability, flexibility and appetite to do both. Whether you take this role towards client education or experimental partnerships is really up to you and your experience - either way, we’ll work to make sure you’re supported and bringing your best.

We know it’s a cliche, but this role is what you make of it. We’re looking for someone who wants to help lead a growing business; who wants to pioneer the application of behavioural science in a field where it still has so much potential; and who wants the flexibility and commercial responsibility of working with limited constraints. Again, it’s okay if you need support in one area or another - we can work out the right balance together….



  • An academic background in economics, behavioural science or organisational/social psychology.

  • Experience applying behavioural science or psychology to the workplace, including the design and statistical analysis of randomised controlled trials.

  • Significant consulting experience - which depending on your background, may include a mix of commercial and project leadership (proposals, relationship management, partnership development etc.) and delivery (education, experimental design and analysis, research and strategy).

  • Significant experience translating behavioural insights for a non-academic audience, in both written and spoken form.


  • Masters or Ph.D. in economics, behavioural science or organisational psychology.

  • Experience creating, managing and developing client relationships.


Please apply here through our friends at Applied Recruitment. For this role, we’re asking for your CV (rather than work-based questions), but we still want our assessment process to be blind to our reviewers. We’ll follow up with structured interviews in May.

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